Monday, August 20, 2012


                  I live alone and, most of the time, I love living alone. I like being able to shut the door and more often than not, a mess that's all mine and have the privacy and peace that comes with complete ownership of a space. I love being able to stroll, scantily clad, without regard to roommates ( though I should probably remember to close the curtains more often than I actually do :P ). I love listening to whatever music I want to listen to, and "not having to listen to someone else yak on the phone."
                   First thing i learnt was to cook, because i am always hungry, and trust me you'll always love the food you cook.You can go crazy, laugh( and i mean a literal "LOL" ), dance, sing and jump around.You go creative, because you get a lot of time to think. And yes you get to decide everything. You are more on a independent side.
                  There are actually few things I don't love about living alone, and it would be tough to convince me to give it up. But for now, I'm more happy to close the door, push aside my pile of problems, and make myself happy in the meantime.